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Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken?
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date June 30, 1999
Storyboard by Bob Camp
Written by David Feiss
Michael Ryan
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez (Animation director)
Guest Starring Dee Bradley Baker as Dad and Janitor #1
Dan Castellaneta as Earl and Janitor #2
Candi Milo as Mom and Teacher
Howard Morris as Flem
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Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken? is an episode of I Am Weasel and is the part of fifty-first episode first overall.


This episode starts with Cow Chicken Mom and Dad


  • This is the second time where Mom and Dad's full bodies are revealed with the first time being the pilot episode.
  • In the episode's credits, Howard Morris is created for voicing Earl instead of Flem.