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Who Is Supercow?
Season 1, Episode 6
Who is Supercow
Air date July 29, 1997
Storyboard by John Holmquist
Written by Monte Young
Victor Ortado
Larry Huber
Directed by Richard Pursel
Deane Taylor (Art Director)
Robert Alvarez
Guest Starring Tom Kane as Voice on TV and Superhero #1
Patrick Pinney as Superhero #2
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"Who Is Supercow?" is the 6th episode of Season 1.



Red Guy, tired of being foiled by Supercow, opens up a dry-cleaning shop for superhero costumes. Failing to find Supercow, he kidnaps Cow, and it's up to Chicken to save her.


  • Super Cow is a parody of Superman except Super Cow speaks Spanish.
  • Corn Cob Man is once again mentioned in "Sow and Chicken" wherein the Red Guy mentioned that he is such a funny guy while reading a comic book.


Red Guy: [in a commercial, in an attempt to lure Supercow] Superheroes, are your leotards starting to stink? Is your booties getting brittle? Is your cape kind of CRUDDY? Then come on down to the Hiney Beau Dry Cleaning, where if you're a superhero, your CLEANING is free.

[After many superheroes of different names arrive and swamp the Red Guy with superhero costumes. He then picks up a corn stalk like costume in disdain.]

Red Guy: Corn Cobb Man?! There's a lot of sick people in this town!