Hello there! I'm new here!

And today, I got a question for you: What if David Feiss (Cow & Chicken creator) and Cartoon Network Studios could someday think of creating two new Cow & Chicken shorts/specials at some point?

In my opinion, if that happens in the future, I came up with few ideas of what I would love to those new Cow & Chicken shorts would be like:

In my head, I'm thinking the first of the Cow & Chicken shorts/specials would be about how Cow and Chicken meet a new student in school who is a tomboy (a design of a tomboy that I would love see to be looked cute, and beautiful like Loulabelle in I Am Weasel and some other beautiful female characters in some of Cow & Chicken episodes) and Chicken however has a secret crush on her. And the second one would be like a Christmas special which would be about Chicken who dosn't belive Santa Clause and Cow has to take her brother to the North Pole to prove him that Santa is real. Also I'm thoinking two of those shorts/spiecal would be either computer animated or flash animated.

So what would you think about those? Would that be possible such a thing someday?