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"The Ugliest Weenie Part One" is the 5a episode of first season.


The episode opens with Cow finishing a poem about a deformed weenie. She dances around now that her work of art is finished, but trips on Chicken, who then gets a hold of the poem. He reads it and thinks it's stupid, so he goes on to show Flem and Earl, with Cow on his tail.

She doesn't catch up to him on time, as Chicken reads out the play to his friends. They also think it's stupid, and the three laugh at it while Cow starts to bawl. Mr. Fleur, the drama teacher also cries, but because of how beautiful the poem is. He decides to adapt it into a play, with Chicken as the title character.

Of course, Chicken doesn't like this at all, and decides to pack his things and move out so he won't be, "No stupid, ugly weenie." He eventually changes his mind when he finds out that an attractive French student named Wee-Wee will play the Ugly Weenie's love interest. A love-struck Chicken decides to be in the stage crew.

The next day, all of the kids are busy rehearsing the play, but things don't go to well. Meanwhile, Chicken finds out that Flem is the Ugliest Weenie now, who starts to cuddle with Wee-Wee. Angered, Chicken promises to hurt Flem. He continues to try, but it is Mr. Fleur who gets injured each time.

Eventually, Chicken opens a trap door on Mr. Fleur. As the kids all check if he's alright, the Red Guy comes in and narrates the situation. He then tells the audience that they're out of time and to stay tuned for the second part of the play, or even more commercials than they'll already be getting.



  • This is the only two-parter in the series
  • It's also the only one with an I Am Weasel short in the middle of two Cow and Chicken ones. Usually, Weasel comes after both Cow and Chicken shorts.
  • Mr. LaFleur's clothes change color in every scene.