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The Ugliest Weenie Epilogue or fans called Part Two is the 5b episode of First Season.


The Red Guy rolls onto the scene and welcomes the viewers back to the show. He then recaps the events of the first part and announces the start of part 3 of The Ugliest Weenie. An audience member then questions the lack of a part 2 and asks if the preceding I Am Weasel cartoon was part 2. Red Guy states it was part 2 of the show and they're now on part 3 of the show, AKA part 2 of the Ugliest Weenie. The audience member asks why the Red Guy is here anyway and Red Guy asks security to remove him.

Whether it's part 2 or 3, it's opening night on the big play. Mr. Fleur tells everybody that Flem came down with the chicken pox and can't perform. Chicken, seeing this as a chance to get with Wee-Wee, requests to fill in for Flem. Mr. Fleur obliges and reveals Wee-Wee caught the chicken pox from Flem and Cow will be taking her place, much to Chicken's shock.

The play begins with Chicken, as the titular ugliest weenie, being shunned and outcast by the other weenies. Cow's character steps in to put a stop to their cruelty and give the Ugliest Weenie a chance to be picked by the hand. Unfortunately, the hand rejects the weenie and sends him back, choosing Cow instead. As Chicken laments on his solitude, the other weenies realize that his ugliness saved him as they are being cooked over an open fire. This leads to them all being ugly and celebrating their newfound ugliness.

The celebration is sadly cut short as Mr. Fleur accidentally gets caught up in an incident that causes the flame prop to burn down the auditorium.

As the fire department puts out the fire, Cow is not upset about this setback as she has a new play in mind that she calls The Bravest Tapeworm. She mentions that Chicken will be the star. Chicken, not wanting any more in his sister's plays, runs back into the auditorium and gets burned. The fire department puts him out and Chicken lays on the ground after a horrible night.



  • Viewer: Hey, what happen with the part 2? Was Weasel thing part 2?
  • Red Guy: Nurse! Get boy out of here!
  • Chicken: It must've slipped my mind.