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I Am Clichéd
Season 4, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date May 5, 1999
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
Written by David Feiss

Michael Ryan

Directed by David Feiss
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The Penalty Wheel is the episode of Cow and Chicken and is the part of forty-seventh episode first overall.


Cow, Chicken, Flem and Earl compete on You Been Panced?, agame show hosted by Ben Panced (the Red Guy) where each contestant gets only three seconds to play.


The Red Guy, as Ben Panced, is the host of a game show called You Been Panced? The contestants are Cow, Chicken, Flem and Earl. After introductions are out of the way, the game begins.

Flem plays first and is tasked to pave a road, paint a picture, and cook breakfast for lumberjacks, but only has three seconds to perform each task. This infinitesimal time limit costs him and he is forced to spin the penalty wheel, which each player who fails must do. His penalty is to eat candy. He doesn't find it so bad until Ben reminds him that candy causes cavities.

Next is Earl who must count peas in a jar, tune a banjo, and wrestle an alligator. The alligator scares him off, forcing him to spin the wheel. His penalty is to eat ice cream, which Ben demonstrates by giving himself a brainfreeze. Chicken is next, but he refuses to play and is thus forced to spin the wheel. His penalty is to bite chocolate, which Ben reminds him has tons of calories.

Cow is the last contestants, and her challenge is to fly around the world, lift a truck, and speak Spanish. She realizes that this is a job for Supercow, who performs the tasks with ease (and within the three second time limit). She wins the prize, which is just a nickel. Ben tries to sneak out only for Supercow to smash him into the penalty wheel, which Chicken spins, dizzying Ben for swindling his contestants.