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The Legend of Big Butt is the 9a episode of finale season of I Am Weasel.


The episodes opens with Weasel welcoming us to his show, "Searching For Lost Legends... And Crud Like That", where he and Baboon will be traveling to the Himalayas to look for Big Butt. When there, Weasel asks for the assistance of a Sherpa and his Yak to guide them up the top a mountain, only for the Yak to snap at Weasel for assuming that he works for the Sherpa when it's really the other way around. Weasel and Baboon decide to strike out on their own, with the latter carrying all of the luggage.

On the way, Weasel decides to test out his Big Butt detector. It works, but end up detecting Baboons butt instead. Later on, the duo find their first clue in Big Butt prints, which encourages Weasel to keep moving forward with his endeavor. The two later try crossing an unstable bridge, when Baboon foolishly decides jumping on it. The bridge breaks, and Weasel and Baboon plummet to the ground with all of their belongings.

The two get incapacitated for 3 months, but resume their journey afterwards, where they witness other legends like Big Foot and Big-eye. They also see more Big Butt prints, which lead straight to a cave at the top of the mountain. Weasel becomes elated about his impending breakthrough, only to find out that The Red Guy was Big Butt the entire time. When questioned why he faked this whole thing, Red explains that he only wanted attention like his father, Big Foot, did, who happened to abandon him when he was 9 to get some milk. Weasel reunites Red with Bigfoot, but is still disappointed with the entire trip being for nothing.

For the next episode, Weasel and Baboon travel to a pier off a Scotland river to see if the Loch Ness Monster is real. It seems that it isn't, as it's just The Red Guy swimming there for another attempt to get noticed. Weasel starts to break down at this, distressed at never actually discovering anything. Ironically, not only does the real Nessie show up right beside Baboon, but several other phenomena (namely The Abominable Snowman, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and a Flying Saucer) arrive at the very same spot. Baboon tries to get Weasel to notice all of this, only for Weasel to sarcastically remake that the King and Queen of Cheese directs his show. Cut to the final scene of the episode, where this is is revealed to be true, complete with The King being The Red Guy.



  • Big Foot
  • Nessie
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Santa Claus
  • Easter Bunny
  • Snow Yeti
  • UFO