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Supermodel Cow
Season 1, Episode 3
Supermodel Cow
Air date July 22, 1997
Storyboard by Greg Emison
Written by David Feiss
Bill Burnet
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
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Supermodel Cow is the third episode of Season 1.



Cow and Chicken go to the mall. Cow marvels at all the mannequins, saying how pretty they are. But, she suddenly starts to cry, saying that she will never be that pretty or thin. Chicken makes a comment on how Cow makes other people look good by comparison, and she cries harder. But, someone takes a few pictures of her, and she stops. The Red Guy, sporting a camera, tells Cow that she has got "the look," grabbing at parts of her face for emphasis. Chicken tells him to stop touching Cow, but Red Guy kicks him aside. He leads Cow to his photo studio and does a photo shoot with Cow.

Later that day, Cow and Chicken make their way towards home. Cow is excited to be a model, but Chicken tells her that the Red Guy is probably some weirdo who wanted her pictures, adding that Cow is not the typical model type. But, they both realize that Cow's image has plastered on every magazine, billboard, and newspaper in town, either advertising a product or just showing Cow's face. A crowd of people approaches Cow asking for her autograph, and she happily gives them out.

The next day at school, nearly all the kids (and Teacher) are wearing Cow merchandise. Cow is enjoying her new popularity, while Chicken is just annoyed. But, a girl walks by wearing a moose-antler hat, and declares that Cow is old news, then leaves. The other kids promptly ditch their Cow clothes, and go to get Moose stuff. Cow runs out into town, and finds that the new trend is Moose fashion. Cow cries that she isn't famous anymore. Red Guy approaches her, then offers her the opportunity to get back into the spotlight by singing at his milk bar.

Cow agrees, but after a while of singing to the empty bar, she asks to go home. Red Guy says that the milk bar is her home now, and she'll be expected to perform and supply the milk. Chicken passes by outside, and hears Cow singing. He enters, and sees Cow on stage. He tries to get Cow to leave with him, but Red Guy forces him into a chair and offers some ice cream. Chicken shoves the cone into Red Guy's eyes and blinds him. Red Guy flails around and knocks the valves off of his giant tanks of milk behind the bar, flooding the place and allowing Cow and Chicken to escape.

Cow thanks Chicken for helping her, and is glad that the whole modeling thing is over. Chicken looks behind her and sees a billboard advertising Chicken fashion, adding that their troubles are just starting.


  • Cow's magazine cover appearances: Cow Boy, Vague, Cud, Ton Beet, Hyde
  • This is the first episode in which Cow cries.