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Squirt the Daisies
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[[File:Cow Instincts... Don't It? Title Card.png|250px]]
Air date September 16, 1997
Storyboard by Greg Emison
Written by David Feiss
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
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Squirt the Daisies is the second of two segments from the episode "Chicken's First Kiss/Squirt the Daisies" the tenth episode of the first season of Cow and Chicken, and the eleventh episode overall. The episode premiered on September 16, 1997 on Cartoon Network.


Cow and Chicken are at the local arcade, playing video games. Cow is playing "Squirt the Daisies" but loses and asks Chicken for more quarters. This distraction causes Chicken to lose at "Immoral Wombat," and he gives her his remaining quarters, but needs to get more change from the counter. He walks to the front counter and asks the owner, The Red Guy, for more change. Red Guy says that "Immoral Wombat" is for pantywaists, and offers to show Chicken a better game in the back room.

In the back is a gaming chair with a virtual reality headset attached. Chicken sits down and puts on the headset. Red Guy inserts a quarter, and the game starts. A virtual turtle approaches Chicken, telling him repeatedly to "Kick the Can." Chicken is annoyed at playing a baby game, but he kicks the can anyway. Each time he does, it gets bigger. Eventually, the can morphs into the front drum of a steamroller. A virtual Red Guy drives the machine, casing Chicken around. Chicken's avatar gets run over, which flattens him in real life. Chicken recovers, and gets to try kicking the can again. He kicks it in the opposite direction and wins.

Red Guy switches the game to "Duck, Duck, Goose." Chicken walks along the circle of ducks until one of them mutates into a giant goose monster. It chases Chicken around until they reach the safe spot. Chicken jumps onto it, but the goose monster jumps onto him, squishing him. Despite this, Chicken wins the game. Red Guy is upset that Chicken survived, but starts up the last game.

Chicken is surrounded by pots of daisies, and is given a watering can. He's playing "Squirt the Daisies" to his annoyance. As Chicken waters the flowers, they grow to the size of trees and gain scary faces. Chicken grabs an item that grants him a high-powered plant killing spray and sprays the man-eating daisies. Cow, still on the game cabinet in the lobby, sees the virtual Chicken fighting the daisies. Cow's virtual self, also given a powerful spray gun, joins Chicken in fighting off the flowers. Red Guy feeds more quarters into the machine, so the daisies continue appearing. Eventually, they run out of ammo, and the daisies have them surrounded. A message appears on-screen to insert more quarters to continue the game.

The Red Guy says that with one more quarter, the daisies will destroy Cow and Chicken. But, Red Guy is out of change. The game ends and Red Guy throws a tantrum on the floor. Chicken hops out of the chair, and the Red Guy tries convincing him to stay. He hops into the chair himself to show Chicken some tricks, but Chicken unplugs the game, making the Red Guy disappear with a burst of static.

After that, Mom and Dad pick up their kids. Dad asks Chicken what he played that day. Chicken's face briefly looks like the virtual turtle, and he says "Kick the Can!" over and over.