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Space Cow
Season 1, Episode 12A
Space Cow
Air date September 30, 1997
Storyboard by John Holmquist
Written by David Feiss
Seth MacFarlane
Bill Burnett
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
Guest Starring Will Ferrell as Farmer, Astronaut #2
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Space Cow is the 12a episode of first season.


As part of a school assignment, Cow and Chicken write essays on what jobs they want when they're older. Since Cow's essay won, she gets to live her dream as an astronaut, whereas the runner-up, Chicken, works at a supermarket.


Today is Career Day in Cow and Chicken's school and the teacher assigns the students, including Cow and Chicken, to write a short essay on what jobs they want to be when they grow up. When the student has the best essay, he or she will get live their choice of profession for one whole day. Cow and Chicken quickly write their essay and leave.

In the hall, Cow hoped that the teacher could pick her essay to be an astronaut in space, but Chicken laughed, replying that they would never let her do that since there wasn't any room and reveals that he was gonna go into market.

The next morning at home, Cow and Chicken eat their frosted meats until NASA soldiers come to pick Cow up because she won the essay contest and this made Chicken jealous until the cashier came to pick him up as well since he won runner up in the school.

Meanwhile, Cow and two astronauts blast off into space to fix the stumble microscope. The two astronauts try to fix it, but it didn't work until Cow spots a plug that says "SOLAR SOCKET."

After fixing the microscope, the trio decide to head home since one astronaut had a softball at 6:00, but there was a problem: they were out of gas and forgot to refuel after their last mission.

Back on Earth, Chicken hears the news and decides to help Cow. Flem and Earl light a jetpack on Chicken as he takes off with some fuel.

In space, Cow reads a manual and pulls the emergency fuel. Just then, Chicken crashes into a planet, and Cow decides to save him as Supercow by taking him home. Back in the ship as Cow, the astronauts were really impressed with what Supercow did and tell Cow all about it.

Back at home that night, Mom and Dad were happy that Cow returned safely from the space shuttle, and Chicken brought home some meatloaf he earned while marketing, and Cow was also happy that Chicken tried to save her when she heard that she was in trouble, in which she replies that was a very brave thing to do. Mom rewards the two with ice cream con carne after finishing their after finishing their meatloaf as the dessert splats in their faces, ending the episode.





  • When Astronaut #1 tells Cow that Supercow swooped out of nowhere and rescued Chicken, his gloves are missing.