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Owner: Step-parents
Portrayer: Pamela Adlon

Sow is Cow and Chicken's cousin. She is a delinquent pig whom always caused a lot of mischief and pulled a lot of pranks. She wasted no time doing this when she came to visit Cow and Chicken, pulling pranks and committing vandalism and framed Cow for them. This caused Cow to almost lose all of her friends but she quickly caught on to Sow's actions. Soon an angry mob finally cornered her in the girls bathroom Cow was able to expose Sow red-handed, and Sow was sent back to her girls reform school.


  • Sow resembles her cousin Cow, however the resemblance appears to be indistinguishable to characters in the series who think she is the spitting image of Cow.
  • It is unknown from which side of the family she is from, however she apparently has step-parents.
  • Mom and Dad do not serve Pork Butts and Taters when she visits, stating that she has intolerance towards them.
  • Principal Red Hiney is the only Sow’s victim who can tell the differences between the taste of Cow and Sow’s own milks.


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