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Smart Banana is a one-shot character who appears in My Friend, the Smart Banana. He is voiced by Neil Dickson.


Smart Banana appears to be a wise, easy-going fellow and speaks in a Scottish accent. When he first meets Weasel, he finds out the hard truth that people eat food like him. He tries to escape, but Weasel proves that he means no harm to Banana. For their first act of their friendship, they play a game of chess.

Later, Weasel begins to show Banana the world, much to Banana's delight. Their first stop is an art museum in Fresno, California, where Weasel shows Smart Banana the famous painting of Mona Lisa. However, Smart Banana has aged rapidly (like all fruits that perish) during the trip and is later taken to a hospital. Before he passes away in the hospital, he makes one last joke with his friend and instantly dies. In the end, Weasel and I R Baboon feast on him into a Banana Cream Pie which he's the bestest friend weasel has for dessert.