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Sergeant Weenie Arms is the 4a episode of Semi-Finale Season.


Flem and Chicken are playing with action figures, making them fight. Cow tries to join in with Crabs the Warthog, and asks them to join her tea party. Chicken says that action figures are not the same as dolls, and tells Cow to go away. After that, Earl comes over, and shows his friends his birthday present, the new Sergeant Weenie Arms action figure. Flem and Chicken scream with excitement. Flem then tells Chicken and Earl a rumor: Sergeant Weenie Arms is a real person. Chicken doubts this, but Earl reads the back of the toy's package, and it gives instructions on how to meet the sergeant.

That night, Chicken, Flem, and Earl meet at Dead Skull Cave dressed in Weenie Trooper gear, roast weenies over a fire, and read the Weenie Chant from the back of the package. After a few tries, Sergeant Weenie Arms emerges from the campfire. He declares he will turn the boys into Weenie Marines, and orders them to do pushups. Then, he tells them pick up smooth river rocks and shave with them. Chicken asks if they can just use sharp rocks, but the sergeant squishes Chicken with his weenie arms in response. The boys attempt to shave with the rocks, but hurt themselves in the process. Sergeant Weenie Arms then orders the boys to chop down a tree using only their faces. Many splinters later, the sergeant tells the boys to get some sleep.

The following morning, Sergeant Weenie Arms wakes up his troops. Chicken, Flem, and Earl all find that they are now much taller and more muscular than last night. The sergeant declares them full-fledged Weenie Marines, and rewards them with three toy packages. The boys are excited, but become confused. Instead of action figures, they were given Pencilneck Sissy dolls. Sergeant Weenie Arms yells that real Weenie Marines aren't afraid of playing with sissy dolls. A bit later, Sergeant Weenie Arms, his new Marines, and Cow are all playing tea party with their dolls. Flem tells Chicken the sergeant is full of bologna. Sergeant Weenie Arms doesn't care, and giggles with his doll as the episode ends.