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Season One is the first season of Cow and Chicken, that aired from July 15, 1997 to October 7, 1997 with 13 episodes (27 segments? If this isn't correct, someone please correct it.)


Production code Episode name Airdate
34-5378 Field Trip to Folsom Prison/The Girl's Bathroom/This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge 07/15/1997
34-5361 Supermodel Cow/Part Time Job/I.R. on Sun 07/22/1997
34-5366 Alive!/Who Is Supercow?/Deep Sea Tour 07/29/1997
34-5369 Confused/The Molting Fairy 08/05/1997
34-5365 The Ugliest Weenie 08/12/1997
34-5374 Crash Dive!/Happy Meat 08/19/1997
School Bully/Time Machine 08/26/1997
Orthodontic Police/The Cow with Four Eyes! 09/02/1997
Cow's Instincts... Don't It?/Ballerina Cow 09/09/1997
Chicken's First Kiss/Squirt the Daisies 09/16/1997
Lawnmower Chicken/Cow Loves Piles 09/23/1997
Space Cow/The Legend of Sailcat 09/27/1997
Headhunting in Oregon/The King and Queen of Cheese 10/07/1997


Home media[]

The first season has been released by Madman Entertainment in 2007 for Region 4. There are no home media releases for the show in Region 1. Cow and Chicken is available for purchase on Youtube, Google Play TV & Movies, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. The show is not available to stream on any streaming service, but there is a possibility that it will be available on HBO Max in the near future. As of 2022, Cow and Chicken is available on HBO Max to those who are in Latin America and The Caribbean.