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The Photocopy is a life-sized paper version of Chicken created by the Copy Fairy. He is also the main antagonist of the episode Bad Chicken.


Not much is known about Photocopy except a few notes. During the events of "Bad Chicken" Chicken tampered with a copy machine and made hundreds of photocopies of himself and Cow causing it to break. When they left to get the test printed, Red Guy brought one of the copies to life. The fact that he wasn't a real boy angered him so he went of to destroy the real Chicken and anyone who helped him (Cow). After a vicious battle, he was dumped into a shredder and was reduced to strips of paper which landed in the trash.


His personality is very similar to that of Chicken only with more evil. Anyone he doesn't like, he hunts down and destroys. It remains unknown how he found Cow and Chicken across town, but it is believed that because he is a doppelganger, he has some sort of psychic abilities attached to Chicken.

Powers and Abilities[]

Because he is made of paper, he can slip through small cracks and give enemies a nasty paper cut. He can turn into paper airplanes and origami figures. If part of him is injured or falls off, he can replace it with other pieces of paper. If parts of him are erased, he can draw them back. It is believed that he has psychic links tied with Chicken that led him straight to Chicken at the Copy Place across town.


Being made of paper also comes with weaknesses. Liquid white away erases parts of him. Wet things make him soggy. He was ultimately defeated by falling into a paper shredder.


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