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Part Time Job
Season 1, Episode 4
Part Time Job
Air date July 22, 1997
Storyboard by Barrington Bunce
Written by David Feiss
Bill Burnett
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
Guest Starring Robert Ridgley as Dr. Chunks
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Part Time Job is the 4th episode of Season 1.




To earn money for the new Crabs the Warthog doll, Cow takes up a part-time job at the milk farm. However, Chicken follows suit, as he tried to apply a job in the chicken farm, but ends up in danger that is supplying fried chicken to major fast food industries. Supercow


On their way home from school, Cow wants a piggyback ride. Chicken refuses but Cow says she’ll tell Mom and Dad that Chicken got an F in spelling. Chicken agrees, but Cow ends up squishing him with her butt, then runs off down the street, with him stuck. She stops in front of a toy store, and points out the new toys on sale. Chicken in interested in the Soldier of Death action figure with added ice skates, while Cow wants Crabs the Warthog doll. They find they have no money, and wonder where to get some. Just then, a truck advertising Dr. Chunks Milk Farm passes by. Cow says she will get a part time job at the milk farm, but Chicken taunts her, saying that her milk won't be any good there.

Cow goes to the farm anyway and meets Dr. Chunks, Professor of Milk. He asks for a sample of her milk, and she happily provides it. Dr. Chunks tastes it, and says it is superb quality, hiring her on the spot. She gets hooked up to a milking machine for a while, then earns her pay at the end of the day. Cow immediately goes to buy Crabs the Warthog. While she plays with her toy at home, Chicken is stunned that Dr. Chunks was willing to take her milk. Chicken tries his luck at the milk farm as well, but when Dr. Chunks drinks a sample of "chicken milk," he spits it out in Chicken's face. Dr. Chunks boots him out the door, telling him to go to the chicken farm down the street. Also before going to the farm Chicken told his parents that he was going here and it was the last time he talk to his parents before he died.

Chicken arrives at the chicken farm, and watches an ad for Rear Admiral Floyd's Chicken on a Stick. Chicken then meets the rear admiral himself, and Floyd brings him to the "dinner line." He places Chicken on a conveyor belt with dozens of other chickens, where they are all are de-feathered. As they travel down the line, Chicken sees Rear Admiral Floyd at the controls, making the conveyor move faster. He asks when he's going to get his pay, and Floyd responds that Chicken doesn't need pay where he's going. Chicken finally realizes he is in a chicken slaughter house, and tries to flee, but can't get off of the fast moving conveyor belt. But he died and ended up in heaven. The end.


  • It is revealed that Chicken was resembled more of a Broiler Rooster before he died.