Part Time Job
Season 1, Episode 2A
Part Time Job
Air date July 22, 1997
Storyboard by Barrington Bunce
Written by David Feiss
Bill Burnett
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
Guest Starring Robert Ridgley as Dr. Chunks
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Supermodel Cow

Part Time Job is the 4th episode of Season 1.




To earn money for the new Crabs the Warthog doll, Cow takes up a part-time job at the milk farm. However, Chicken follows suit, as he tried to apply a job in the chicken farm, but ends up in danger that is supplying fried chicken to major fast food industries.


  • Crabs the Warthog was originally intended to be named Craps the Warthog, but was changed as to not offend viewers.
  • This episode was released five months after the death of Robert Ridgely, the voice of Dr. Chunks.
  • Rear Admiral Floyd is an obvious parody of KFC founder Colonel Sanders.
  • Rear Admiral Floyd's song contains a reference to "flipping the bird" in which the song says, "Nobody flips a boid like Rear Admiral Floyd!"
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