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Orthodontic Police is the 8a episode of First Season.





  • This episode originally aired with "Space Cow" as a test episode before the series began. The segment also replaced "Buffalo Gals" which was pulled, due to objectionable content.
  • The fact that Pantsoffski (Red Guy) says "Is there a real orthodontist in the house?" may imply that he is not actually an orthodontist. In fact, to become an orthodontist or any kind of dental worker, one must have a diploma after completing 4 years of dental school, a license after completing 3 years of additional training, and certification of the American Dental Association. Since Pantsoffski (Red Guy) doesn't appear to have any of these things, he could be considered a quack and face a sentence of up to five years in prison, not to mention a fine of approximately $5000, if his actions are considered a felony. Also, if the people he operated on suffered harm due to the harsh dental equipment he put on them in any way, the law may order him restitution, or force him to compensate for their pain.