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Nurse Loulabelle

Nurse Loulabelle is I.M. Weasel's beautiful assistant and girlfriend. She is a recurring character in I Am Weasel.


Loulabelle has been around Weasel since he was born. And since then, she's followed him everywhere and even once dated him.


Loulabelle is white with short blonde hair, blue eyes, nurse outfit and white shoes.


She is sweet and kind.  Her personality does not usually show much but at the beginning of the first season it is revealed that she is affectionate with I am the weasel in addition to knowing a lot about science and chemistry.


  • She looks very similar to Hello Nurse from Animaniacs.
  • Loulabelle was phased out after the first episode of season 3 even though she made a cameo on a picture in "I Stand Corrected".