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List of Cow & Chicken Episodes[]

This is a comprehensive list of every single Cow and Chicken episode produced from its entry to Cartoon Network on July 15, 1997, to its last episode produced in July 24, 1999. This covers all 52 episodes, and the pilot.

Pilot (1995)[]

Title Episode Total Airdate Written By
No Smoking 1 November 12, 1995 Dave Feiss
Cow and Chicken are brother and sister whom belong to a human family. Chicken is revealed to have started smoking, so Cow threatens to tell mom and dad if he does not play with her. He unhappily accepts, but while they are playing Red Guy offers him a cigarette and he accepts, telling cow he is a "big boy". Chicken is taken to the underworld by the Red Guy and it's up to his sister Cow to save him as SuperCow.

Season 1 (1997)[]

Title Episode Total Airdate Written By
Field Trip to Folsom Prison 2a July 15, 1997 David Feiss
While on a field trip to a local prison (where the Red Guy is the Warden), Chicken ends up switching places with one of the convicts.
The Girls' Bathroom 2b July 15, 1997 David Feiss, Greg Emison
Chicken reluctantly accepts a dare set by Flem and Earl to see what the girls' bathroom at school is like.
Supermodel Cow 3a July 22, 1997 David Feiss, Bill Burnett, Greg Emison
Cow has her big break when the Red Guy hires her as a supermodel. She soon learns that fame does not last long.
Part Time Job 3b July 22, 1997 David Feiss, Bill Burnett, Barrington Bunce
Cow gets a part time job at a milk farm in order for her to get a Crabs the Warthog doll. When Chicken tries to apply for a part time job, he soon ends up in danger.
Alive! 4a July 29, 1997 David Feiss, Bill Burnett, John McIntyre
A game of "Catch" results in Cow and her cousin, Boneless Chicken getting stuck on the roof of their house.
Who Is Supercow? 4b July 29, 1997 Monte Young, Victor Ortado, Larry Huber and John Holmquist
The Red Guy tries to find out Supercow's real identity.
Confused 5a August 5, 1997 David Feiss, Seth MacFarlane, Bill Burnett and John Holmquist
After making a small mess, Cow and Chicken are sent to a military school, then to sensitivity training (both run by the Red Guy).
The Molting Fairy 5b August 5, 1997 Victor Ortado and Bill Burnett, Monte Young
Chicken wakes up one morning to find that he is molting. He soon uses this to his advantage when he learns that he can get paid for all the feathers he loses.

Season 2 (1998)[]

Title Episode Total Airdate Written By

Season 3 (1998)[]

Title Episode Total Airdate Written By

Season 4 (1999)[]

Title Episode Total Airdate Written By