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Linda is a young and attractive woman who appeared in the episode Dream Date Chicken. She was originally Boneless Chicken's date but ended up becoming smitten with Chicken and the two quickly hit it off while Boneless Chicken became the third wheel on his own date. As revenge, Boneless Chicken reported them to the police, with Chicken being arrested for running away and Linda being arrested for aiding him. Boneless Chicken then laughed as they were taken away, saying he called the police hours ago.


Linda possesses a voluptuous figure and sporting long brown hair with a head band on top. She wears a short sleeved pink shirt, purple jeans, red lipsticks and a pair of brown shoes. She also sports freckles on the side of her cheeks.


She is a hot chick that attracts hot dudes that she can hound on because hot dudes go crazy for hot chicks.


  • Her manner of speech is reminiscent of Elmer Fudd's, replacing all her "L's" and ""R"s" with "W's", which is known as rhotacism.
  • Considering the fact that Chicken is 11 years old, and Linda is apparently at her 20's, her relationship with him would be illegal (and she would likely face jail-time).