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Journey to the Center of Cow is the 8b episode of season 2.


During dinner, Mom and Dad explain to Chicken that since he is the oldest, he must learn how to use the family food catapult. Chicken loads a pork butt onto the catapult, and launches it at Cow, who eats it. She asks for another, and Chicken reloads the catapult. But, his arm snags on the bucket, and gets sent flying along with the pork butt into Cow's mouth. She swallows Chicken by accident. Mom and Dad decide to take Cow to the pediatrician, Dr. Bottoms.

Chicken rafts down Cow's digestive tract on a hot dog, using a lollipop as a paddle. He is burned with stomach acid, and watched by Cow's stomach enzymes. One of the enzymes even says Chicken has a "pretty beak." Chicken paddles faster to get away, but careens over a waterfall.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Bottoms has hooked up an x-ray to show Mom, Dad, and Cow what is happening to Chicken. After running some "tests," Dr. Bottoms explains Cow's "4 stomachs." He tells Mom and Dad that if Chicken enters Cow's fourth stomach, he will be digested by enzymes, and it will be too late to save him. At that moment, Chicken has been found by a group of attractive enzyme girls. They invite him to go to the Fourth Stomach club, and he agrees.

Using a camera shoved down Cow's throat, Dr. Bottoms can see that "enzymes of questionable morals" are taking Chicken to the fourth stomach. Dr. Bottoms puts on some diving equipment and dives into Cow's mouth. He makes his way to the fourth stomach's entrance, and pleads with Chicken to escape with him. Chicken goes to leave, but the enzymes angrily drag him back. Dr. Bottoms manages to grab Chicken's hand and throw him to safety, but starts losing his grip on the third stomach's wall. He urges Chicken to leave without him, then falls into the fourth stomach. Chicken climbs out of Cow's mouth, and sadly says that Dr. Bottoms didn't make it. Mom jokes that now the family will need to find a new pediatrician, and everyone laughs.

As the episode ends, Dr. Bottoms disco dances with the enzyme girls in the fourth stomach nightclub.




  • One of few times Red Guy actually saves the main characters life, this being Chicken's.
  • This episode takes place after Stay Awake.
  • The creepy, banjo playing enzyme is a reference to the movie Deliverance.
  • A cow's "four stomachs" are actually chambers of a single stomach. They all perform digestive processes to an extent, but the fourth stomach chamber functions the most like a regular stomach.