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I Am Dragon Slayer is the 9b/Semi-Finale episode of finale season of I Am Weasel.


Sir Weasel the Knight is riding on his steed towards the castle of King Jolly Roger followed by his squire Baboon. The King asks for Weasel’s to defeat the dragon which terrorises the people. The King receives a singing telegram from the dragon, warning him that his villages were burned and his castle is next. Weasel decides to train his squire to become a knight and puts him against a which defeats Baboon with ease to Weasel’s surprise. Weasel continues to train Baboon using weapons which all end in disaster. Weasel finally knights Baboon (before any other damage is done) and the dragon suddenly appear. Turns out it’s just a cardboard dragon costume with the Red Guy in it. Weasel defeats the rogue knight and as punishment, he is locked in the Real dragon’s lair. The dragon obviously irritated by his presence and continuously breathes fire on the Red Guy. The scene ends with the Red Guy shouting and finally giving his trademark laugh.