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I Am Clichéd
Season 4, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date May 4, 1999
Storyboard by {{{storyboard}}}
Written by David Feiss

Michael Ryan

Directed by David Feiss
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I Am Clichéd is the episode of Cow and Chicken and is the part of forty-sixth episode first overall.


Weasel and Baboon's director, Louie B. Bare, claims the latest episode to be original, but it is revealed to be full of stale cartoon jokes.


The P.A. for I Am Weasel tells Weasel and Baboon that they are due on the set in five minutes. Weasel requests a coffee, but the P.A. refuses to bring it. As Weasel contemplates about leaving cartoons for more theatrical performances and his times on Broadway, the show's director, Louie B. Bare (played by the Red Guy) checks on them. Weasel hopes that the episode they are shooting will be funny compared to their previous one which was full of cliches. The Red Guy assures him the script has plenty of original material and tells him to get ready.

On the set, as they begin filming, an anvil suddenly falls down on Weasel, baffling him over the fact that that is one of the most overused cartoon gags. A piano falls on Baboon, and they are crushed by more anvils, an elephant, and a whale. Baboon points out they used everything but the kitchen sink, which falls on Weasel, much to his annoyance.

The next scene involves wild takes with Baboon getting overzealous over a penny and Weasel getting excited over an egg just as the two are crushed by more anvils. The next scene involves them doing a parody of the famous Bugs Bunny cartoons with Weasel as Bugs, Baboon as Elmer Fudd, and a weenie in place of a carrot. After the gun backfire gag, Baboon is reduced to ashes and crushed by another anvil.

They perform a parody of the famous Wile E. Coyote amd Road Runner cartoons complete with Latin description freeze frames. Weasel tries painting a tunnel to escape, but he and Baboon just run into the wall, which even the Red Guy points out to be dumb of them. This time, he gets the anvil.

After a quick pie in the face gag plus anvil, Weasel and Baboon are two girls named Floretta and Sybil. The Red Guy states that Floretta gives Sybil a nice birthday present as she is sad because her husband has left her alone for weeks on a door-to-door perfume business in China. The present turns out to explode, rendering Baboon in ashes again. Cue anvil.

Weasel threatens to walk until the Res Guy tells him about Weasel Babies with him and Baboon as babies. This time, a safe crushes Baboon with Weasel sarcastically asking if they stopped using anvils, only to be crushed again. Fed up, he confronts the Red Guy over all the cliches they did and how he took scripts from other cartoons and just put Weasel over all the other characters. He plans to leave as the Red Guy promises to stop doing cliches and gives him a new script.

The new script is a parody of soap operas with Weasel and Baboon as surgeons. The Red Guy comes in as a pregnant nurse while Weasel states (from a cue card) that he prefers the cliches. This leads to one final anvil crush.