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I.R. in Wrong Cartoon
Season 2, Episode {{{number}}}
[[File:The Exchange Student Title Card.png|250px]]
Air date March 24, 1998
Storyboard by Chris Savino
Written by Steve Marmel
Directed by David Feiss
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I.R. in Wrong Cartoon is the third of three segments from the episode "The Bad News Plastic Surgeons, The Exchange Stüdent, I.R. in Wrong Cartoon" the twelfth episode of the second season of Cow and Chicken, and the twenty-third episode overall. The episode premiered on March 24, 1998 on Cartoon Network.


Cow is watching I Am Weasel while she wishes she could keep Weasel as a pet. Just then, the Red Guy (posing as a bare-skinned rug, get it?) tells her that there is a way for her to get Weasel. He tells her that she needs to fish him out of the TV. She dons fishing gear and baits her rod with a pie.

During his show, Weasel sees the pie that Cow set and eats it. This causes her to reel him in and bring out of his show and into her home. Excited to see him, Cow hugs him and explains she brought him here and has many more pies for him. Enticed by the mention of pie, Weasel decides to stay for a while.

Later, they check on his show to see how Baboon is doing. Baboon has no idea what happened to Weasel and decides to run the show himself. He sniffs his finger and shakes his butt on the screen. However, none of this satisfies him as Weasel is not there to stop him while Weasel refuses to go back as Cow's pies are irresistible. Baboon breaks down and admits he cannot run the show on his own and Weasel, seeing his heartbroken frenemy in turmoil, decides to go back to his show. Cow agrees and sets him free. But Weasel ate so many pies, he has become obese and unable to move, needing Cow to help him.

When Cow tries pushing Weasel through the screen, Baboon sees him and decides to go and find him to bring him back. The Red Guy tells Cow her approach will not work and she needs to send him back the way he was brought to her home in reverse. As he tries pushing him in, the doorbell rings and Cow answers it, revealing it to be Baboon asking if Weasel is there. Happy to see him, Weasel rushes to him and the Red Guy, still trying to get him in, falls into the TV, trapping himself.

Now the Red Guy is on his own show, where he begs the viewers (Cow, Weasel and Baboon) to get him out. They point out how he does not wear pants. As Cow prepares to turn the TV off, Red tells her not to, but his cry goes ignored and she turns him off as she, Weasel and Baboon laugh together.