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I.R. Gentlemans is the fourth episode of season 1 of I.Am.Weasel.


Weasel is tasked by the Queen of Yurp to find a distant relative of the now deceased Earl of Cankerberry. It turns out to be Baboon (go figure), whom Weasel trains in etiquette to be worthy of succeeding his relative. However, it turns out the Queen just wanted a scapegoat to work off the deceased Earl's debt. An annoyed Baboon plunges a toilet so badly it causes the entire castle/county of Yurp to flood.




  • Weasel only picked Baboon because of Brittany stereotypes.
  • Yurp appears to be quite backwards. Only having one toilet and making it double as a video phone. Not to mention they scapegoat anyone for the debts left by deceased.