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Grizzly Beaver

Grizzly Beaver

The Grizzly Beaver is a savage and hostile beaver native to Africa who served as the main antagonist in Grizzly Beaver Safari.


In the episode, he awoke after the Hyenas disturb him with their loud laughter. He notices Cow and Chicken and decides to eat them. The predator succeeds in devouring Chicken along with a Man-Eating Giraffe who had Chicken at the time.

He then encounters Supercow and the two exchange offensive gestures to battle. The Grizzly Beaver initially won and was about to leave until his enemy muster the strength to punch him to release Chicken and the giraffe. He was finally killed after Supercow uses her super strength to overpower and turn him into a tank of gas which was then used to refuel Cow and Chicken's jeep. However it blew up soon after due to Beaver Gas being highly explosive.


Like any predator, the Grizzly Beaver hunts down any prey of his choosing and will not stop until it has become hs meal. This proves to be his downfall as the Grizzly Beaver attacks Supercow one last time before being killed by Supercow's nigh-invulnerable udder.

The Grizzly Beaver shows a sadistic side. Seconds after defeating Supercow, he proceeds to gloat and laughs at her weakened state. He opens his mouth to allow Chicken to scream for help all to tell Supercow that she'll never see her brother again.


The Grizzly Beaver possesses great strength and speed to capture a Man-Eating Giraffe. He is not visibly injured despite having a short battle with the animal. He is also adept in making offensive gestures that helps him in defeating Supercow for a while.



  • It should be noted that the Grizzly Beaver is the only one that came close in defeating Supercow.
  • Reality Check: Beavers did NOT colonized Africa. This is a misconception after all. And they are only herbivores.