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[[File:Cow's Dream Catcher Title Card.png|250px]]
Air date October 6, 1998
Storyboard by Greg Emison
Written by David Feiss
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
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Chicken in the Bathroom

Grandma at the Mall is the first of three segments from the episode "Grandma at the Mall, Chicken in the Bathroom, Unsinkable I.R." the fifth episode of the third season of Cow and Chicken, and the thirty-first episode overall. The episode premiered on October 6, 1998 on Cartoon Network.


Grandma pays at visit to Cow and Chicken's house to take them to the mall with her. Her purpose for being at the mall: to look for a new grandpa, because she lost the old one. Chicken gives her the slip while he, Flem and Earl hang out at the concession stands.