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Birth: June 26, 1984
Portrayer: Howard Morris
Maurice LaMarche (occasionally)
Years: Age 11
Hair Color: Ginger-Orange
Friends: Earl, Cow, Chicken
Enemies: Red Guy
First Appearance: Field Trip to Folsom Prison

Flem is Chicken's best friend who is in Chicken and Earl's 5th Grade Class and has thick red lips. He and his father both wear glasses and speak with a Southern accent. Of the three, he is the one most often sent to perform tasks because his peers consider him the ugliest or fattest. It's unknown what happened to Flem's mom. Flem is named after one of David Feiss's friends in middle school who was not good looking but was very loyal. He was also voiced by the late Howard Morris, and Maurice LaMarche in later episodes impersonating Frank Fontaine.

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