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Field Trip to Folsom Prison
Season 1, Episode 1
Bandicam 2012-06-28 22-11-41-463
Air date July 15, 1997
Storyboard by David Feiss
Written by Pilar Menendez
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
Guest Starring Dick Gautier as Red, Butts
Glenn Shadix as Gate Guard, Prisoner #1, Poopy the Clown
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Field Trip to Folsom Prison is the first episode of Cow and Chicken from Season 1.



Cow and Chicken are going on a field trip to Folsom Prison. He reluctantly is sitting next to her because Mom and Dad told him to do so. Cow annoys Chicken so he sits back with Flem and Earl through the rest of the ride.

Once inside the prison, they get into the main yard when Chicken puts on Red's prison suit and befriends the other prisoners. However, a guard offends him by hitting him with his stick. In retaliation, Chicken pulls his pants down slyly and called jailbreak. The guard shouts to sound the alarm and falls down after tripping on his own pants. The prisoners are laughing and congratulates Chicken, thinking he's Redd. The guard is offended and screams, "Lock-down!" As Chicken is being sent away, the real Redd assumes Chicken's name by taking his name-tag, and escapes on the school bus. This leads to Chicken attempting to start a riot and being sent to the warden's office for discipline.

Cow eventually suspects Red of being a fake because she knows Chicken would never play with her. She assumes her Super Cow form and uses her tricycle to take the diapered Redd back to prison. She rescues Chicken and takes him home, while leaving Red (Who is still diapered) in jail with the other prisoners. Redd asks the prisoners if they wanna play jump rope, to which they accept.

Later on at home, Dad informs him about the warden from Folsom Prison calling. Chicken confessed that he knew why the warden called, that he did time in Folsom Prison for pantsing the guard. Dad tells him that it was because left his name tag there, but he then appreciates Chicken being honest with him. Mom then announces that she and Dad are serving both Cow and Chicken their favorite dinner: Pork Butts and 'Taters. Both run to the other side of the dining room as the food is then launched via catapult, The parents are laughing happily as Cow and Chicken jump about, hungrily snagging the Pork Butts and 'Taters in mid-air with their teeth.

As a Pork Butt smashes through a living room window and bounces away out onto the street, the viewer hears this:

Cow (excited): Hey, Chicken! Want some milk?

Chicken (gladly accepting): Sure! (A sound of milk squirting is heard; Chicken sounding disgusted.) Hey! You're getting it all over me! Would you at least squirted it into the cup FIRST?! (Iris out.) END!


  • This is the first episode of Cow and Chicken as a full series, after the original pilot was aired on November 12, 1995.
  • This episode was recorded on November 7, 1996.
  • The boy on the bus with the light blue shirt and dark blue pants is named Dala.
  • The sign Chicken runs into says "Cow X-ing".
  • Both the lunch-server and Red have the same tattoo, on the same arm.


  • The boy on the bus with the orange shirt and brown pants has no name on his nametag, as with several prisoners.
  • When the bus leaves the prison, it travels out backwards instead of turning around.
  • In the scene when Red gets thrown into his cell, his toilet is on the back wall, but when they are making roll call, it is on the right wall.
  • When Red is playing with Cow, the safety pin on his diaper is grey. When he is dropped off at the prison, his diaper pin is pink.