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The Day I Was Born
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Air date October 10, 1998
Storyboard by Greg Emison
Written by David Feiss
Directed by David Feiss
Robert Alvarez
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Factory Follies is the second of three segments from the episode "The Day I Was Born, Factory Follies, " the ninth episode of the third season of Cow and Chicken, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. The episode premiered on October 10, 1998 on Cartoon Network.


The Red Guy is the owner of an industrial factory who treats his employees like slaves. When they arrive, he announces that he is denying them their lunch break and orders them to get to work. They work all day making disc shafts, red (not blue) levers, and other doodads to no end. One guy ks sleeping on the job, so the Red Guy fires him.

At the 5 o'clock dismissal, their boss announces his big surprise party in the conference room, hoping they'll attend and bring him presents. As he sets up the party, he realizes nobody is coming (likely because his workers hate him). Not wanting the party to go to waste, he celebrates by himself.

After his one-man party, he thinks that maybe working his staff into the ground isn't right and should have a change of heart, but he ultimately declines the notion and goes back to being a taskmaster.

It is then revealed that the Red Guy tied up Cow and Chicken so he could have his own episode.