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Dr. Chunks with Cow

Dr. Chunks is a character from the episode Part Time Job. He is a renowned professor of milk and the head of "Dr. Chunk's Milk" and Milk Farm, the producers of the finest milk around.


In the episode, he employed Cow to be his new cow, having produced for him some of the finest milk he has ever tasted to the point where he became infatuated with her. Later on Chicken tried to sell his "chicken milk" to Dr. Chunks who hated it. After kicking Chicken out, Chunks tricked the boy into going to Rear Admiral Floyd's Chicken Farm down the road so he would be turned into meat products. After Cow found this out, she proceeded to beat the daylights out of the traitorous Dr. Chunks and went to save Chicken.


Upon first glance, he seems to be a professional at his work but at the same time, he is deeply passionate about it. This passions leads to him to fell for Cow who produced the best milk he ever tasted.

However, after meeting Chicken, Dr. Chunks shows a very sinister side. He has a serious prejudice against chickens and their 'chicken milk' that he tricked Chicken to be nearly killed.