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Chicken in the Ass Bathroom is the second of three segments from the episode "Grandma at the Mall, Chicken in the Bathroom AKA: Foul in the Bathroom, Unsinkable I.R." the fifth episode of the third season of Cow and Chiacken, and the thirty-first episode overall. The episode premiered on October 6, 1998 on Cartoon Network

Chicken is not dirty yet while Chicken is going to get dirty tomorrow but mom refuses Chicken to take his bathe. Chicken hates taking a bath so he just relax in the empty tub while Mom, Dad and Cow do the euphemism humor,desperate for going to the toilet, and attempt to persuade Chicken to take his bath.


• Cow don’t normally use the toilet, instead, Cow use a tub for milking while parents uses the toilet.



  • Red Guy