Portrayer: Jess Harnell
Hair Color: None
Friends: Red Guy
Enemies: Cow, Chicken
First Appearance: No Smoking

Cerberus is the secondary antagoinst in the Cow and Chicken Pilot Episode No Smoking.

Overview Edit

Cerberus is shown as a three-headed dog with a collar for each head. Only one head retains the blue color from his body, the other two heads appear to be each different colors.

Cerberus is an accomplice to the Red Guy's plans of capturing Cow and Chicken, but he also holds back Red Guy by reminding his superior the rules he must follow.

Cerberus resembles a blue poodle, because of his poofy ears and balled tail, the latters the head of a greyhound and the head of a dalmatian.

Cerberus was thrown into the lava twice. Once when the Red Guy smacked him ans The second time when Cow dressed as SuperCow threw him in