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Scottdale Bully

The Bully from Scarsdale is a character appearing in the episodes School Bully as the main antagonist and Sumo Cow as a minor antagonist. He is really just a very small person in a inflatable suit.


He acts very intimidating and claims to know more about bullying than Butch does and even states that he rips the molars out of anyone's mouth. He also takes pleasure in hurting people and even insulting.


He appears as a large, muscular boy speaking in a high-pitched voice and wears purple pants and has purple hair and a pinkish hue on his skin. His true self wears a yellow shirt and wears glasses.

In "Sumo Cow" He has a more reddish hue on his skin, dark red hair and red pants.

Scottdale Bully true appearance

His true appearance.