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Buffalo Gals
Season 2, Episode 20
Buffalo Galls.jpg
Air date June 27, 1998
Storyboard by Vincent Waller
Written by Bill Burnett (story)
Michael Ryan (teleplay)
Directed by David Feiss
Guest Starring Judy Tenuta as Kelly
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Cow and Chicken Reclining

Buffalo Gals is a 7a episode from season 2 of Cow And Chicken.


A group of female bikers break into Cow and Chicken's house, and start gnawing on their carpet. One of the bikers has a crush on Cow, and invites her to join the Buffalo Gals. It's up to Chicken to save his sister. ...




The episode, from a story written by head writer Bill Burnett aired initially on February 20, 1998 along with the follow-up segment "Cow and Chicken Reclining," was banned by Cartoon Network because of its innuendos implying that the Buffalo Gals are lesbians and its typecasting of lesbians.

The episode contained obvious sexual humor (well, more sexual humor than the show usually contains that is), which includes Mom's line "Oh! the Buffalo Gals, a motorcycle riding gang that randomly breaks into people's homes and chews on their carpets" the name of one of the bikers being "Munch Kelly," the Buffalo Gals singing the traditional song of the same name (Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight?), the Buffalo Gals playing softball and talking about "pitching" and "catching", slang terms for sex.. [1]. The episode aired only once, and was replaced with the episode "Orthodontic Police" in future airings. Used in season 1.