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Black Sheep of the Family is the 1b episode of finale season.


Cow and Chicken's cousin, Black Sheep has come for a visit. However this has become a problem for Mom and Dad, who both run away for the duration of his visit.




  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Blind Date
  • Mayor of Hole
  • Dr. Chunks
  • Timmy
  • Woman #9, Blonde Girl In Red, Lady #1 - Candi Milo


  • The blind date from the I Am Weasel episode He Said, He Said, The Mayor of Hole, Dr. Chunks, and Timmy from the I Am Weasel episode I Are Good Dog make cameos.
  • In the episode's credits, the roles of Flem and Earl are swapped with Howard Morris being credited for voicing Earl and Dan Castellaneta being credited for voicing Flem.
  • Since certain perspective, this episode could be considered controversial for address issues of racism, to considers that the Black sheep was badly treated and judged for his physical appearance, adding that the Red guy, a cop in this episode, tried to arrested him only for his physical appearance, making reference to the racist behavior of some corrupt cops in real life.