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Baboon Man and Boy Weasel

Baboon Man and Boy Weasel is the 3b episode of Finale Season of I Am Weasel.


The episode starts in Baboon Manor where Baboon and Weasel live their rich luxurious lives. After Weasel spots the “Butt Light” on the sky, he explains that they are superhero crime fighters known as Baboon Man and Boy Weasel. They suit up and get on their crime fighting vehicle (tricycle) and meet up with the Police chief (The Red Guy). The chief tells them that there is a mysterious pants thief in town and every victim is forced to wear barrels. They set their trap for the thief, luring him in with pants while the town watches and admire Baboon Man while Boy Weasel gets none of the credit even after doing all the work. Weasel says he will stay in the shadow while the main hero gets all the glory. The thief approaches the trap but gets away with the pants. Baboon Man and Boy Weasel chase after him, only to hit a brick wall with their vehicle. They follow the track of pants left by the thief and find him hidden with a few citizens. Baboon Man rips his mask off, revealing the Police chief however this is not enough for them to identify the thief so they rip all his pants off until his red rear becomes exposed. Now his identity revealed, he claims it’s not him and pulls his face. The screen cuts to the heroes as a tearing sound is heard. The chief screams that he ripped his face off as our heroes watch in horror. He laughs, saying “Just kidding” After questioned why he stole all the pants, he says that it was just an accident which Baboon Man accepts and lets him go. The Butt light is shown on the sky again. Weasel is ready to leap into action but turns out it’s just a joke. Baboon using a flashlight on his own butt.




  • This episode is a resemblance to some of the DC Comics characters.

Baboon Man - Batman.

Boy Weasel - Robin.

Police Chief Red Hiney - Commisioner James Gordon.